Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hi everybody! Look at how many followers we have:)  Nah I'll just tell you.  We have 50 followers!  Thank you: Hestia's Helper, Laurel, Judi, Kerry Urbatch, Tanya J, Jan Farnworth, Stephanie Kraft, Tina, Debra, Audrey, Alexandrova Elena, Rose Nay, Christine, Michelle, Piali, Danni, Darling Ho, Jacqueline Van Jaarsveld, Sue, Sharon Temaat, Ileana, Thea, Terrie, Beary Wishes, Chris, Shellymc2, Stampinmims, Janice, Haylie K, Kccf 26, Kathy, Deneshabq, DQ, Linda B, Sherrie, Jackier, Ardilla, Helen, Lori, Lisa Hjulberg, Irina, Aunt Kathy, My Mom, Marie Bridgeman, AJ Turner 68, Crafty Challenges, Scrappin Chris, Georgette, Snehal Watwe Welde and Tami French for following along. I'm hoping to double this amount by April, so tell your friends, family, or random people that you don't know.  Whatever you have to do.


Lorie said...

And you know that does not count those of us who follow in other ways for example I follow you in Google Reader. I imagine you have way more than 50!

Lori said...

Good point Lorie! I have your blinky on my blog, but I don't get a lot of traffic.