Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winner of Sketch #16

Hey everyone!  Carly's mom here... my sincerest apologies for not posting the winner sooner!  We've had a very unusual week here at the Breach farm ... Carly's dad out hunting all week and I've been dealing with a tooth infection and finally had it pulled but the pain meds and antibiotic have knocked me down this week.  So am running behind on everything it seems.   Anywhoo... we have a winner!!

You won the $10 Gift Certificate to McMahon Five Designs!

Stay tuned for our upcoming sketch challenge this Friday, which is sponsored by Gingerloft!  =) 


snehal watwe welde said...

Woo hoo...I can't believe it . Thanks and hope you feel better soon .I am feeling very sad that i won't be able to participate in your sketch challenges for a long time .But I promise as soon as i settle down I will be back

Kristine said...

You're so welcome Snehal!! Thanks so much for playing along each and every challenge =) It's been great seeing your beautiful creations. Best Wishes to you as you relocate and would love to have you jump back in when you can! =)